Ben Affleck thinks that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is a “genius” and the “greatest producer” who “ever lived.” The Justice League star knows a thing or two when it comes to superhero movies, and he believes that Feige is able to deliver on his promise whenever he puts out a new project. Affleck is not alone in praising the Marvel Studios boss, as many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will tell you exactly the same thing.

In a new interview, Ben Affleck revealed that he chose to play Batman because of his kids. He was also inspired by what Zack Snyder wanted to do with the character, mainly coming from the Frank Miller angle. The interview shifted gears when Affleck asked about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Kevin Feige. You can read what Affleck had to say below.

“F***ing Kevin Feige is absolutely, you have to say, the greatest producer, most successful producer who ever lived. He’s the only guy in the world who, if he told me, ‘I know what the audience wants! This is what we’re doing!’ I would believe him 100%.”

Kevin Feige was able to reinvent the superhero genre, thanks to choosing collaborators wisely and trusting his intuition. There have been a few missteps in the MCU, but for the most part, Feige gets the desired results, even if Martin Scorsese and others don’t think so. Scorsese previously compared modern superhero movies to “amusement park rides.” Ben Affleck went on and gushed over Feige and his empire. He explains.

“That f***er knows his audience like no producer (ever), he’s a genius. Kevin is like a ringmaster at the circus, he knows exactly how much to wink at the audience, exactly when to pull at the heartstrings, exactly when to do the effects, how many jokes, what the sensibility, what the tone is. Because people didn’t know to run away from the pajamas or embrace it, or make it serious.”

Ben Affleck was once in a Marvel movie. He starred in the 2003 Daredevil movie, which he lamented, “wasn’t a very good movie.” There aren’t a lot of fans who will stand up for the movie, but that was few years before the MCU truly kicked off with 2008’s Iron Man. Regardless, Affleck is obviously a big fan of what Kevin Feige does, which might make for an interesting collaboration at some point down the line.

Marvel Studios is currently expanding on the big and small screens, thanks to Disney+. Maybe Kevin Feige and Ben Affleck will team up for a project in the future, with Affleck either starring in, or directing a project. It certainly seems like the actor would jump at the chance to work with Marvel Studios. As to whether or not that will happen, that’s anybody’s guess. You can check out the rest of the Ben Affleck interview over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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