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Google is making it easier for people to navigate Docs, Sheets, or Slides while using refreshable braille displays and verbalization software. New improvements include a keyboard shortcut to toggle braille support, improved verbalization accuracy, and verbal announcements for misspellings and grammar errors.

In the past, users had to enable and disable braille support through the Accessibility menu in Docs, Sheets, or Slides. The new Ctrl+Alt+H (or CMD+Option+H on Mac) keyboard shortcut saves users from digging around the Accessibility menu every time they want to toggle braille support.

Improved verbalization support ensures that users always know their cursor location while navigating documents. Docs, Sheets, and Slides now announce where the cursor moves to, along with the contents of any table, slide, or cell. Today’s update also adds verbalization support for images, misspellings, and grammar errors in documents—a feature that seems long overdue.

Google suggests that you update your browser and your assistive technologies to take advantage of these new features and improvements.

 Source: Google via Engadget

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