A Pixel 5 on a blanket-like textured surface. Google

Google’s latest budget-friendly flagship phone, the Pixel your five , is slowly making it’s way to users. We’ve recently seen having to worry reports which the device’s display seems to be lifting away due to the device . Worse but still, our review unit exhibits often the same issue. But don’t freak out, Google says that’s normal. Wait a minute, what?

Depending at the device you are using, the breaking issue can be a tiny amount of along with lot. We have every day units there, and one Pas 5 has a small fingernail’s worth of gap with in a month location of the phone. But one additional shows the issue around all the entire display.

A closeup connected with a Pixel 5 along with a modest gap in the screen connection to the phone. The gap along with one our units is very small. On the other, this masturbation sleeve much more pronounced. Michael Crider

By natural means, that leaves people worrying typically problem gets worse or within it compromises the Pixel 5’s water resistance. But as spotted by Services Police , Google says the hole is a “normal part pertaining to the form of your Pixel. ”

The statement is derived from a Google representative paid in the company’s product forums . Doing it says in full:

Hi Pixel Community,
We’ve had a chance on investigate units from customers yet, combined with our quality command data from the factory, you can confirm that the variant along at the clearance between the looks and the display is your own normal part of the pattern of your Pixel 5. Recently there is no effect on this and dust resistance or capabilities excellent phone. We will employment with customers with an individual angle to address any concerns and they may have.

So the good news is truly, according to Google, dust and water resistance aren’t something you are going to lose. The company seems towards think it has tolerances inflexible enough to support the gap originally from affecting the device. It just result on your eyes even though look on behalf of a seamless phone.

If that bothers you, there is an easy answer—-put a occasion on the phone. A security case for your smartphone is usually a good idea, regardless of unpleasant gaps.

Origins: Google via Android Police

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