Rich of features, based on Cloud and AI.
Thousand of EPG & Logos always updated.

DISCLAIMER: IPTVEditor is an Editor Software, not a streaming service.

NO IPTV Subscription or illegal content is included.
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IPTV Editor home

IPTV Editor home

Core Features

Just a little summary of what is waiting you


Edit, Replace, Improve any aspect of your IPTV in just few minutes thanks to the powerful AI behind IPTVEditor

Take your IPTV List always with you. 
You can save till  5 LISTS  on a Cloud space dedicated only to you

All you need is on your screen thanks to a modern and friendly interface


Keep your channels always
updated in just one click or even when you are away from your PC.


Keep you channels always synced
with thousands of EPG

A powerful AI will automatically
assign missing logo, EPG,
fix mistype from your List provider
and much much more

IPTVEditor 2.0 WebApp
The power of cloud computing
with the best of the Technology 

After months of work we used all our  knowledge acquired thanks the first version of IPTVEditor to release a Faster and Stronger version of IPTVEditor fully running on Dedicated Servers.

How It Works

Nothing is much clearier than a video showing how is easy to edit an IPTV List from scratch to a professional looking one. 

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IPTVEditor 2.0 Features Tour

Let’s give a look to what is waiting you

Choose to save your list on our Dedicated Cloud Space or on your PC

Let our AI assign for you your Channels’ Logo or choose one from the inbuilt Browser

Choose from a lot of IPTVEditor EPG sources and let the AI assign it for you choosing between 3 precision Mode

Drag, Merge and Rename your Groups in few clicks

Thank to our modern algorithms IPTVEditor can search from your provider if the are new Channel Updates

Edit your favourite Movies and TV-series and automatically add missing Cover using TMDb api

Keep your List always updated even if you are away from your PC! Say goodbye to check everyday for new Channels updates. IPTVEditor will do everything in background!

Advanced Logo Assignment

Automatic assign Logos to your Channel choosing between :

  • Basic Mode :  IPTVEditor will search a possible logo for your channel.
    It is powered by the AI that will simplify your Channel’s name for a better result.
  • Advanced Mode: IPTVEditor will combine the power of the AI to our Logo Database for a better and more accurate search.
  • Combo Mode: Combine both Basic and Advanced search for the best result ever.

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IPTVEditor is not only a software for editing IPTV List, but it offers one of the most advanced EPG Service.

Our EPG Service is powered by an AI that search the EPG from your IPTV Provider.

If the EPG from your Provider is not enough IPTVEditor offers an EPG Service for FREE.

Do you want even more? Are you interested in the best EPG Service on the web with the best IPTV Editor? IPTVEditor offers two EPG Subscription: PRO and XMLTV.co Edition


Advanced EPG Assignment

IPTVEditor can set for you EPG from an high variety of EPG Source. As for Logo the assignment mode is very customizable. There are Three level of Precision :

  • Low :  AI will set the EPG ID if there is at least a precision of 45% minimum.
  • Medium: AI will search the best match for your EPG with a 75%+ of precision. AI will set also the EPG Shift. You don’t have to worry anymore for the +1 +2 etc etc Channels!
  • High : IPTVEditor will set EPG only if there is a 100% of precision.


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Reseller Menu

Do you have multiple customers but you don’t want to rearrange all your customers list every time?
IPTVEditor is exactly what you are searching.

With IPTVEditor you can edit and update your main list and all your customers will receive the updated version of your list, but with their username and password!

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Pricing Plan



  • Only Offline save
  • Basic Channel Editing
  • AI Disabled
  • Only manual EPG assignment
  • Basic Logo assignment
  • Ads



  • 3 Slots for saving your list on Cloud
  • Short-URL service
  • Advanced Channel Editing
  • AI Enabled
  • Only editor
  • Advanced Premium Logo Assignment from Database
  • Advanced EPG Assignment with Time Shift
  • 1 EPG at time
  • 1 Year License

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  • 5 Slots for saving your list on Cloud
  • Short-URL service
  • Advanced Channel Editing
  • AI Enabled
  • 3-5 Days EPG
  • Advanced Premium Logo Assignment from Database
  • Advanced EPG Assignment with Time Shift
  • Unlimited EPG at time
  • 1 Year License


Watch your IPTV Channels, movies TV series online on your browser, directly from your PC, phone or tablet, everywhere with no additional software required. FREE and open source.

Avaible also two versions for resellers.




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