Advances in technology, data, and business mean that marketing is a fast-paced field that requires constant learning and adaptability and an increased aptitude for technical skills. Some technical skills that digital marketers need include: SQL, front-end development, basic understanding of statistics, automation, modeling, and landing page testing. The need for these skills are part of larger workforce trends, as new technologies are being created every day that make a marketer’s job faster and easier.

Digital marketers can expect a diverse and dynamic workplace that requires a variety of softskills needed to thrive, including initiative, leadership, management, analytical skills, strategic thinking, teamwork, creativity, communication, time management, and passion for consumers. In addition to mastering these soft skills, it helps to understand the roles and responsibilities of your fellow marketers in the field that you are working in, whether it be SEO, SEM, Social, or PR.

Digital marketing refers to all marketing delivered through internet and digital channels. These channels can include email, mobile applications, search engines, social media, and more. Businesses use these marketing efforts to reach current and prospective customers.


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